• ​​Food waste from households, institutions, and business

  • Slaughterhouse waste 

  • Dairy products and waste (chocolate, milk, butter milk, cheese, milk powder,etc.)

  • Sludges from WWTP 

  • Vegetables

  • Pickle and Pepper waste

  • Fish waste

 BioWorks Energy LLC provides technical expertise for the design and operation of biogas production plants. The plants produce biogas from a variety of substrates including: agriculture waste, food industry residual products, and sewage sludge. The biogas is used for vehicle fuel, electrical generation, and heating.  BioWorks Energy has located its North American headquarters and research laboratory in Genesee County, Michigan.    BioWorks Energy's biogas plant using anaerobic digestion in a partnership with the Flint Water Pollution Control Facility located at G-4652 Beecher Road in Flint Township. BioWorks’s facility provides an alternative to the landfilling of organic wastes coming from food production and consumption activities.  

Certified Destruction

BioWorks Energy provides certified destruction of food processing waste that has been recalled and or expired to guarantee that the material has been completely and securely destroyed.  Our process will reduce the environmental impact of your recalled products, meet your goal of certified destruction, and provide your organization with a cost - effective solution.