- Engineered disposal field design - traditional leach, Wisconsin mound, drip irrigation, and      spray irrigation
 - Turn key system installation design
 - Coordination with local, state health department, Department of Environmental Quality
- System monitoring and maintenance

- Site selection
- Waste water analysis
- Soils survey and evaluation using certified soil          scientists

​ - Replacement parts and components 

Providers of affordable, easy to maintain, engineered onsite wastewater treatment septic system products and systems for use in residential, single family, commercial, multi family, industrial and mobile applications!  

BioWorks Energy offers systems and system components for:

Pre-Treatment - Residential, commercial, industrial, high strength waste, and nutrient removal.

Drip Distribution -Highly efficient fluids handling system for residential, commercial, community, and combination applications.

Commercial and Municipal Lift Stations

Non clog sewage pumps, ranging from 2 hp to 50 hp. 

Cluster Systems

Multiple residential, commercial, and combinations.

Recirculating Media Filter Systems

Residential and Commercial systems with pumps, controls, and accessories.

Wetland Systems


BioWorks Energy has designed over 100 on-site wastewater treatment systems for various types of clients. We offer our consulting services on a variety of on-site treatment systems, from those for individual homeowners to large commercial, agricultural, residential, and or institutional sites.  
BioWorks Energy can assist you with the following tasks: