Crapo Hill Pilot AD  Project - CommonWealth Resource Management Corporation (“CRMC”)

CRMC constructed and  operates an anaerobic digester at the Crapo Hill Landfill in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.   The project was developed in cooperation with the Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District, the Landfill owner. The Bioenergy Facility will produce biogas for use as a supplemental fuel by an existing 3.3 MW landfill gas-fired electric power generating facility at the Landfill that is owned and operated by a CRMC subsidiary.   BioWorks Energy provided technical expertise for the startup of the digester. BioWorks work directly with CRMC to prescribe a digester loading plan using various high strength wastes that were locally available.    Start up of the system progressed without delay and resulted in higher than expected gas production.    

BioWorks Energy LLC

Linden WWTP Digester Optimization  - Genesee County Drain Commissioner

BioWorks Energy was retained by the Genesee County Drain Comissioner to evaluate their existing anaerobic digesters and provide recommendations to optimize the overall digestion process.   The evaluation included analysis of hydraulic and sludge rentention times, process heat requirements, and gas handling and reuse.    Recomendations resulted in cost savings to treatment facility.   Further study and evaluation is pending and should lead to further operations cost reduction. 

Green Meadows Dairy - Elise, Michigan

BioWorks Energy was hired to assist the dairy's operations personnel to bring the dormant digester back to full operation.   BioWorks efforts included training of operational staff, evaluation and recommendations on equipment repair and replacement, and development of digester feed and wasting program.   BioWorks efforts resulted in increased biogas production, lower operating costs, and equipment improvements.   

Reference Projects 

Digester Feasibility Study  - City of Ann Arbor

BioWorks Energy was hired to assist Quantlux LLC (Ann Arbor, MI) to determine the feasibility of implementing a anaerobic digester for the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan.    The evaluation included development of process flow, CAPEX and OPEX estimates, and future oppurtunities with waste organics from the region.